The Rise in Container Homes

Recycling has become an important part of the modern world, so those who want to keep down their building expenses have found container homes are a good value. They have walls, floor and ceiling already, and they simply need a few modifications before moving in and setting up a household. For those looking for a bit more space than just one container can provide, several can be used in construction. These are often one of the least expensive ways to create a modern home with all the amenities.

Shipping containers come in many different sizes, but they are basically long boxes to contain goods. This shape makes them ideal for those building a small home on an odd lot, and they can be configured in several different ways. Local regulations will generally specify they be placed on top of a slab or a foundation, but there should be quite a bit of leeway in choosing where to place the windows and doors. Adding plumbing and electrical fixtures before the inside walls go up is often done for ease of construction, and any additional infrastructure needed will be completed at the same time.

Interior design for a tiny home of this type should be based on the size available and the amenities desired. The kitchen will generally be between the main living area and the bedroom, and the bath might be incorporated into the bedroom for privacy. For those who entertain a great deal, building an outside patio area with roofing might be their best solution.

One of the advantages of choosing a shipping container as the basis of a home is the lower cost, but that does not mean skimping on being creative. Adding plenty of windows to bring the outdoors inside can make even a small container home feel large, airy and bright inside.