Less Is More

For those unable to afford the mansion of their dreams, any home can still be their castle. It may take a little imagination and some...


Planning a Home

Building a tiny house is about being able to plan for what is truly necessary. An extra bedroom, a second bath, a separate dining room,...


Lifting Restrictions

There are newer tracts of land where the parameters of building have been put in place to keep the value of the area in a...


Clearing the Land

One of the first steps in building a home is cleaning out the trees and bushes in the way of construction, but there are several...


Oddly Shaped

Many of the smallest lots of large subdivisions are oddly shaped, and they might have been too difficult for builders to consider in the past....


The Rise in Container Homes

Recycling has become an important part of the modern world, so those who want to keep down their building expenses have found container homes are...

Many neighborhoods today are planned down to the last detail, but older areas were often subdivided according to what the market at the time would bear. There are generally a few places where smaller parcels of land were deemed unusable because they need not meet the basic size of the home spaces being sold. Today’s economy is blossoming for new homeowners to find a house they can turn into a home, but for those with little to invest, building on odd lots might make their dream come true.

The size of houses for most people has grown over the last centuries, but there is now a movement to build smaller homes that are more economical and energy efficient. These tiny homes have become a way of life for some, but they are a way for others of limited means to be able to finally afford a place of their own. Building on a smaller lot might be restrictive, but it can also be a dream coming true.