Oddly Shaped

Many of the smallest lots of large subdivisions are oddly shaped, and they might have been too difficult for builders to consider in the past. Those with imagination searching for land today are willing or eager to consider these smaller parcels of land, and they have found they can often get them for an excellent price. Designing their home to fit within the confines will take some imagination on their part, but the drive to own a home can help them find their creative side.

There are often restrictions in residential areas that make an already small lot even more restrictive, so many people seeking a less expensive alternative have found that building up is their only option. They might have only one or two rooms per floor, but the sky is the limit when designing their home. It could cost them more to ensure the foundation can carry the weight of the building, but it can be cheaper in the long run to get what they want.

A unique house does not necessarily have to be square or rectangular, so those with a lot shaped irregularly might find they are building a house in the same shape to get the most for their investment. Each room will have its own unique character, and building in some of the amenities might be the only way to create useful space. The building will not be able to be expanded, so ensuring every part of it can be used is important.

While not all people are willing to take this interesting route to home ownership, there are those with the imagination needed to make them a success. Fitting them into an extremely small or oddly shaped area might be what they want to help their creative outlook come alive in a home of their own.