Less Is More

For those unable to afford the mansion of their dreams, any home can still be their castle. It may take a little imagination and some good planning, but being able to have what they need is the idea. Their house may be smaller than they originally wanted, but modern appliances, an excellent designer or architect, and even a bit of luck can all combine for them to see that less is more in some cases.

A tiny kitchen can be difficult to work in, but being able to hide away appliances when not in use can double or triple the available counter space in any home. When planning is done well before the building begins, it is possible to ensure there is adequate space to work in the kitchen. Appliances can be stored in drawers, cabinets, or they can even be suspended from the ceiling in some cases. Imagination can rule the world for those willing to look at new ways to make a small kitchen efficient.

Sleeping space has become much more important for those sharing a home with others, but it is often of little use for those who live alone. They see their bedroom as mostly wasted space because they are busy living in the rest of the home. Instead of taking up valuable room from the rest of the house, some people have chosen hideaway bedding options. It saves on floor space they can use for other needs, and the bed is only available when they really want to use it.

Entertaining is an important part of living in any home, but outdoor space is now included. Being able to expand onto a deck or into a garden is another good way of using less space to do more. Fire pits and outdoor heaters are part of what has made this an option in almost any weather, and homeowners with small houses have found it increases their enjoyment without adding more room to their existing structure.